Event? Concert? Shooting video? Product introduction? ...
First, try out loud. All items are required.
Come, let us together form.

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Why Office Hirose

Please leave it to the big stage off the small stage.

From the proposal preparation stage, sound and lighting will be proposed to management.
From talk shows until a full-blown concert client like your stage pleased visitors we have responsibility and unsurpassed.

Bistro sousou ランチコンサート
Lunch concert

400People concert

You can flexibly to unexpected trouble.

Concentrate too obsessed with going, not only now but rather increase choices as much as possible. Get unexpected results, such as the venue to further integrate the... is the Director! And I also go to exquisite expansion.

There are many events, have received orders to continue.

Event 20 years continue, taking orders, including clients like the 82% are repeat. Try to create an environment that can be consulted without hesitation. During the consultation, the new idea is born, clients like from our reputation would look better than we expected.
"Talk" stage

Okay I guess confession album

Introduction to packages

Banquet parties for companies and organizations of

Corporation, requests from individuals and wide, singing and playing to various parties deliver. According to the atmosphere from nursery rhymes and Showa Kayo songs, and a wide range of repertoire in client ' from the high reputation. Interspersed with talk atmosphere we received.

Making music (recording support)

Clients such as CM song incorporating the song incorporating the memories of loved ones and the products our of we will produce a song with pinpoint accuracy to meet demands.
Clients like recording on your own is possible.

Seniors events, such as the Association for the aged, nursing Club

"Singing is to be healthy" of events organised by concept, client ' from high reputation. Voice out practicing relaxing exercises and original method to refresh mind and body, can be healthy and we are gaining popularity.

Expirement chorus(Sign language chorus)Teaching Commission

Our reputation and expirement chorus singing voice, body and mind and I can find a new song they know. Corporation, we are getting popular and gained a sense of place, both for individuals.

Stores, products and video interview

To store the products most likely to elicit talk reputation.
If you explained yourself will be following up with detailed advice.
Shooting and editing on its own, so demand is transmitted smoothly and your reputation.

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